Blog: What Kind of Mind?

I have always been so fascinated about the way people think. One of my common phrases, according to my husband is, “What kind of mind . . ?” I often wonder why people do the things they do, regardless of how much I know, I still expect people to think, act, or do better than they do. In business and life, the way we think controls our actions and habits. The good news is that we can change the way we think and change our bad habits into good ones. Thus the reason for this book.

Even though there are millions of books out there on business, I wanted to write a book to help people realized that the difference between starting or running a successful business, rather than starting or running just a business, may be the way they think. I want people to realize that the way we think is determined by many factors such as our environment, our upbringing, the people we love and respect, etc. These are some of the same things that determine our passions.

That’s the reason I work with people who want to start the business of their passion, because passion for what you are doing plays a significant role in the success of your business. Thus, in my training curriculum, one of the first things we address is Passion/Purpose. I believe everyone is born with a purpose given to them by God and that our passion is tied into our purpose. That is why my for profit and nonprofit businesses both begin with IYP, which stands for “In Your Purpose.”

This blog is a synopsis of my extensive business training program. In addition, with our programs, we offer lifetime back office support, allowing you to work in the area of your passion, without having to worry about the administration of the business, and we offer startup funding. It’s a fully complete training program for those who are skilled in the area of their passion.


Cultural Creatives Entrepreneurship Academy
Our objective is to engage, empower and encourage cultural creatives™ to work through our patented process of transforming individuals from their current state to enlightened entrepreneurs.    This  program is the most comprehensive of its kind.  No other program comes close to offering the cultural creative™ the knowledge, experience, material and resources this program offers.  This program can be absolutely fail proof. If a student attends, participates and completes the work, their success should be guaranteed.

Participants of this training will be able to start the program with an experienced skill, a passionate idea, or an established business.  With or without a prior business or business experience, participants will leave this program with a business plan to run and operate their own successful business.  They will go through 20 weeks of the most intensive training known to man, but will come out light years ahead of the average small business.






Cultural Creatives Entrepreneurship Program Start-up Package

includes the following:

  • Establish LLC Corp. / State Business Licensure Structure
  • Cultural Creative’s Incubator Membership Fee for One year
  • Credit Repair Information / Building Personal Credit/ Credit Score Info
  • Credit Monitor / Identity Theft Protection 
  • Protection of Assets through Insurance or Trust
  • Creating and Establishing a Will
  • Establish a One Year Business Plan/ One Year Marketing Action Plan
  • Establish Business Checking / Merchant Accounts
  • State of the Art Sustainable business location with Built-in Customer Base 
  • Establish Business Lines of Credit (up to $500K)
  • Back Office Support

The Cultural Creative™’s back office support will provide unique insight into strategies, techniques and technologies used by today’s ‘best practices’. CCEA will provide practical solutions that come from experience managing ‘best in class’ operations. 

The Cultural Creatives’ back office support will include:

  • Office Administration Support
  • Business Plan Development
  • Operation Budget Development
  • Human and Resource Management
  • Information Technology Processing Systems
  • Organizational Development and Investment
  • Staff/Professional Development and Training
  • Public Relations / Brand Development
  • Facilities Design / Space Planning
  • Project Management

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